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Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn has worked with Common Vision since 2002 and served as executive co-director since 2005. More than a decade of collaborating with over 250 schools in California and dozens of NGO’s focusing on improving community health, food access, and school garden education, has only fueled his passion for creating food-producing outdoor classrooms that engage kids in nature's processes, teach them to grow food from the living soil with their own hands, and of course provide the best of tree-ripened organic snacking.

TJ Lee

TJ "Tree Jay" Lee has been working with plants, kids and trucks most of his adult life. His fascination with Biodiesel led him to learn about alternative fuels. His experience working at an outdoor science school earned him the name Tree Jay. His appreciation for trees and how they can heal our relationship with this planet gives him great drive to the mission of Common Vision. He joined Common Vision as a volunteer in spring of 2014 and now is leading the crew as Program Director.

Ray Stubblefield-Tave

Coming from an Arts Management background,  Ray Stubblefield-Tave started working outdoors when she joined AmeriCorps, of which she is a two-time alum. She has cut trail and led conservation projects in Vermont, North Carolina and New Hampshire, and has taught Environmental Education in both New Hampshire and California. As she travels the state with Common Vision, Ray seeks to help kids tap into their creativity through place-based environmental education and hands on learning. She has been working with Common Vision since 2014, and came on as Program Director in 2016. 

Paul West

Over the past 30 years, Paul West has served green groups across the spectrum including Common Vision, Dancing Star Foundation, Gardens Project, International Rivers, PETA, Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network. His campaigns have helped raise awareness about positive actions to address urgent social and ecological issues.
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