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The Luminaries team up with Common Vision at Environmental Charter High


Visit the successful Vista del Valle school orchard that doubles as a living classroom


Nutritional Justice and Food Deserts

Follow Common Vision as they explore issues surrounding nutritional justice, such as food deserts and food access, children's health, and community.

Creative Solutions: Reviving Arts Education

Follow Common Vision as they explore the importance of creativity in education - from Fruit Tree Tour's sign-making and performance to what principals and teachers are doing to keep creativity in their schools and classrooms.

What BP Doesn't Want You to Know

Follow Common Vision as they travel through the land of alternative energy - from running recycled vegetable oil to powering their sound stage with solar.

Plant, perform, paint, repeat...

Follow Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour through the first few weeks of painting, performing, and planting on the 2011 spring tour.


Pre-tour Preparations


Green theater brings science to life

Fruit Tree Tour is much more than just the 1000 fruit trees left in its wake. Every year over 10,000 students witness the Fruit Tree Tour GREEN THEATER PERFORMANCE. This tear, a ringmaster with a handlebar mustache leads the circus-like procession from the caravan. Included in the act are Visionaries masquerading as a six-foot earthworm, juggling bears, butterfly girls, and a villainous litterbug, and a live band!


Up to Coast

In this episode, Fruit Tree Tour visits an elementary school in Oceano, California.


Common Vision and Jefferson High team up to plant fruit trees in their neighborhood

In this episode of Fruit Tree TV, Common Vision volunteers take to the streets to assist the students in meeting their neighbors and planting trees in their neighborhood . Common Vision works with South L.A., Thomas Jefferson High School students in the Green Design Academy in a unique community outreach tree planting project.

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