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VIDEO: Fruit Tree Tour Draws Massive Crowds for Sustainability


Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour has made the pages of TreeHugger a few times before, and not without good reason. After all, a program that introduces school kids across California to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the importance of trees is—almost by definition—something we get pretty excited about. But I hadn't realized quite what a huge undertaking this was until, that is, I started watching Fruit Tree TV...

Largest Veggie-Oil Powered Caravan in the World

Running since 2004, Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour describes itself as the largest veggie-oil powered caravan in the world. Travelling across California for over two months every year, the volunteer-run tour visits schools and community centers in low income neighborhoods offering free shows, fruit tree plantings and educational workshops around sustainability. Since its inception the tour has worked with over 80,000 students and planted over 4,300 fruit trees.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses of Fruit Tree Tour

Now we get to see for ourselves what it is all about. Covering everything from the preparation for the tour, through the waste veggie oil used to power the tour vehicles, to the huge crowds that gather for the tour's performances, Common Vision's Fruit Tree TV offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to make this tour run—both literally and figuratively.

Be warned: Those interested in banishing the hippy image associated with sustainability and green living may find the content below disturbing. But these guys are out there day in and day out planting trees, singing songs, filtering grease and generally getting kids excited about the natural world. I think we can allow them to grow a dreadlock or two. I'm not getting rid of my beard either...

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