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I’ve said it before, I love trees. So when I read about the Fruit Tree Tour and its mission to introduce school children to the wonderful world of planting, growing, and nurturing trees, fruit trees in particular, I became very excited indeed.

The tour consists of a group of volunteers who travel around California educating children on ways to improve the overall health and wellness of themselves and their communities through sustainable agriculture.

Since its humble beginnings seven years ago the Common Vision’s Fruit Tree Tour has enriched the lives of over eighty-thousand students and planted more than forty-three hundred fruit trees.

If you’ve ever had the joy of watching a young child’s face as they work the soil, getting their hands dirty while experiencing the thrill of planting their own food, than you know what a truly life changing moment this can be for these kids.

And when you consider that the trees these young children plant today will more than likely still be around for them to share with their children, and their children’s children decades from now, the importance of the Fruit Tree Tour becomes paramount.

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