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Veggie-powered bus makes pit stop in Watsonville


The so-called "largest veggie-powered caravan in the world" was in Watsonville on Tuesday dazzling kids with their colorful environmental message.

This is the third year of Common Vision's annual Fruit Tree Tour, which has traveled from San Diego to Sacramento planting more than 1,500 fruit trees with the students of inner-city schools.

The nonprofit's goal is to teach kids about ecology and its cultural and communal roots. At schools across the state, they have planted heirloom varieties of corn from indigenous Mexican farmers, played West African agricultural rhythms and contemporary hip-hop media.

The veggie-powered school buses painted in forest-scaped murals were at Watsonville Charter School for the Arts on Tuesday.

The tour also stops at Freedom Elementary, 25 Holly Drive, Watsonville at 10 a.m. today, Watsonville Community High School, 221 Airport Blvd., Freedom at 10 a.m. Thursday. A stop at Santa Cruz Waldorf School planned for Friday has been postponed.

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