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Johnny Appleseed Goes to School


by Della Watson

It's common for city-dwellers to grow up without ever learning to plant a tree or tend a garden, and a California-based group hopes to change that. Eco-theater troupe Common Visionrecently embarked on their annual Fruit Tree Tour in a veggie oil-powered bus caravan with stops scheduled at schools throughout the state. At each school, the group inspires eco-awareness through skits about the environment and eco-raps set to traditional African drum beats.

Emphasizing the value of local food, the group helps kids plant fruit trees on their school grounds. "Simple acts like planting a tree and growing food have a ripple effect that can create big change for a healthier people and planet," says organizer Megan Watson. Now in its 7th year, the Fruit Tree Tour has given about 45,000 students the experience of planting a tree and watching it grow.

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