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El Monte Elementary students get lesson in green education, growing cycle


By Jennifer Shaw

They dig a three-foot by two-foot hole in some soil, augmented with manure and compost. A fruit tree is adjusted into its new home, as first-graders name the sapling Isabella Pom Pom Roly Poly.

She is among two dozen trees planted by the traveling band of Common Vision volunteers who venture up and down the state in their vegetable oil-fueled, habitable bus, bringing a day of fun and fresh fruit awareness to students at predominantly low-income schools in California.

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More trees headed for Richmond


By Chris Treadway

Trees are being planted by the city, urban agriculture groups and neighborhood associations at streetside and in public spaces around Richmond, providing not only a more pleasing appearance, but in many cases, a future source of fruit.

A new arrival to the city's business community will host a planting ceremony on Monday morning celebrating the establishment of an orchard of donated fruit trees at Washington Elementary School in Point Richmond.

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