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Children learn through growing trees


by Cana Tasci
Trees are helping the students grow at John L. Golden Elementary School in Cucamonga. On Feb. 15, Common Vision, a group dedicated to teaching children about the importance of a natural system on the Earth, visited the campus. They came in a veggie-powered caravan, bringing music, dancing, gardening and agricultural awareness to the young group.
"By allowing the children the hands-on experience of planting a fruit tree in their local school yard, they will not only, during the planting, feel the experience of connecting to the Earth, but over the next one, two, five years, they have the opportunity to care for that tree and watch it bear fruits and see how their efforts make a huge difference," said Michael Flynn, director of education for Common Vision.
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Growing an Education


by Caroline An

Students get an education in ecology by planting fruit trees

CLAREMONT - Take some fruit trees, add in rhythmic drum beats and groups of enthusiastic students, and you have a typical Fruit Tree Tour experience.

In its third year, the Fruit Tree Tour is a program sponsored by Common Vision, a nonprofit organization that focuses on ecological awareness. The Fruit Tree Tour is one of its major programs 30 volunteers spend three months on the road in buses and plant 1,000 fruit trees with students throughout the state.

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