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Common Vision helps plant 15 fruit trees


by Linda Williams

A group of area residents and members of Common Vision planted a small orchard on the grounds of the Willits Integrated Services Center on November 11. Willits was one stop on the Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour in Mendocino County.

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Heartbeat of the Earth


by Claudia Reed

Positive, positive energy...Plantin' trees all across the nation...Keep on plantin' fruit trees Add a thundering rap beat supported by five Conga drummers, three of them with dreadlocks, and you have some idea what greeted students in the courtyard at Willits High School on April 20.

Despite an attempt to remain cool, nearly all of about 100 students began smiling and several couldn't resist the urge to sway with the beat. When the group finished, the students broke into loud applause. A few added high pitched yips of approval.

"Lovin' it!" called out one enthusiastic young man.

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