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VIDEO: Fruit Tree Tour Draws Massive Crowds for Sustainability


Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour has made the pages of TreeHugger a few times before, and not without good reason. After all, a program that introduces school kids across California to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the importance of trees is—almost by definition—something we get pretty excited about. But I hadn't realized quite what a huge undertaking this was until, that is, I started watching Fruit Tree TV...

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Fruit and Concrete: What a Mix!


by Kenny Luna
Actually, I think it’s quite a bright idea considering the fact that this years Fruit Tree Tour will feature the world's largest veggie-oil powered caravan, covered in forest-scape murals and carrying 1000 fruit trees and 27 volunteers along its annual 20-city, 70-day tour to inner city schools from San Diego to Sacramento. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind idea featuring a day-long interactive outdoor program that includes West African agricultural drumming and eco-conscious hip-hop to help reach kids with the concept of sustainability.
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Transforming Concrete Jungles into Urban Orchards


by Jacob Gordon

They call themselves the largest veggie-powered caravan in the world, and they’re traversing California teaching school kids that the city is alive. This summer marks the third year of Common Vision’s annual Fruit Tree Tour, which has traveled from San Diego to Sacramento planting over 1,500 fruit trees with the students of inner-city schools.

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