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VIDEO: Fruit Tree Tour Draws Massive Crowds for Sustainability


Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour has made the pages of TreeHugger a few times before, and not without good reason. After all, a program that introduces school kids across California to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the importance of trees is—almost by definition—something we get pretty excited about. But I hadn't realized quite what a huge undertaking this was until, that is, I started watching Fruit Tree TV...

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Fruit and Concrete: What a Mix!


by Kenny Luna
Actually, I think it’s quite a bright idea considering the fact that this years Fruit Tree Tour will feature the world's largest veggie-oil powered caravan, covered in forest-scape murals and carrying 1000 fruit trees and 27 volunteers along its annual 20-city, 70-day tour to inner city schools from San Diego to Sacramento. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind idea featuring a day-long interactive outdoor program that includes West African agricultural drumming and eco-conscious hip-hop to help reach kids with the concept of sustainability.
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