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Common Vision brings tree-planting expertise to students


By Karen Rifkin

With the mid-day sun beating down on the valley of Ridgewood Ranch, they appeared simultaneously, seemingly choreographed, with pick axes and shovels in hand and began digging holes, about five feet apart, in a semi circle behind the gazebo of the La Vida Charter School classroom building. They are young adults, environmentalists, who share a common vision.

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Ukiah teens plant trees with a Common Vision


by Carole Brodsky

Working Together, We Can Make the Future Better

So goes the motto of Common Vision, the Emmy Award-winning creators of the Fruit Tree Tour. The group began their seventh annual statewide tree-planting event in Mendocino County this week.

With rooftop solar arrays and hand-painted murals, Common Vision's bio-powered buses and trucks carried 15 modern day Johnny Appleseeds to four schools and two community centers in Mendocino County. Two hundred fruit trees were planted by students and community members.

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