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We Love Our Trees


By Abigail Lewis

There are places in the world where most of the trees have been chopped down for firewood. That’s like shooting the goose that lays the golden eggs, and eating it for dinner. Once the tree is gone, so, too, is the shade from its canopy, the breeze from it’s swaying leaves, the oxygen it produces as it processes our carbon dioxide, and any seeds or fruit it might contribute to the survival of living creatures.

Here in Los Angeles, baking summers and miles of highway have given us a profound appreciation for trees, particularly in the most denuded areas. We can’t count on the DPW to plant trees, but TreePeople, a nonprofit located on Coldwater Canyon between Beverly Hills and Studio City, has been distributing and planting trees here for 26 years. Dedicated to “helping nature heal our cities,” TreePeople has given away nearly 100,000 young, bare-root fruit trees to L.A. residents.

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Choose Your Own Adventure


For intrepid travelers able to commit to a three-month project, Common Vision offers a chance to road-trip up the gorgeous California coastline and back while helping kids turn their schoolyards into fruit orchards.

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