A different kind of Victory Garden

by Judy Lowe

It’s one of those “California” ideas. Instead of growing just vegetables in community gardens, why not include fruit, too?

That’s exactly what a group called the Fruit Tree Tour is doing — planting “Victory Orchards” in as many of the Golden State’s low-income communities as possible.

Over five years, the activists of Common Vision have donated several thousand fruit trees, trying to have several community plantings in each city they visit.

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Free fruit, “eco hip hop,” and puppet shows

Can’t afford the organic fruit at Whole Foods in this economy? If you’re a kid in California, Fruit Tree Tours‘ new victory orchards could give you a welcome break from the usual cafeteria food and help you get your 5-a-Day in the coming years.

Fruit Tree Tours is a project of Common Vision, an eco-nonprofit at whose party I had to give myself ad hoc dreadlocks to fit in. This year, Fruit Tree Tours includes more than 1,000 fruit trees, 75 drums, and 25 volunteers who will travel around California on a fleet of buses that run on 100% recycled veggie oil and have solar arrays on their rooftops.

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Regular Broadcasts from the Road

The Common Vision team has visited in hundreds of schools throughout the State of California in a fleet of Biodiesel buses teaching students how to plant fruit trees for the future. Collectively with the students Common Vision has planted enough fruit trees to yield around 250,000 pounds of fruit per year. With experiential learning, historic skits, hip hop performances, and drumming circles, the

Common Vision team makes a lasting impact on many who would otherwise never hear of these concepts and reminders of our relationship with each other and our home, the Earth. The Creed of the Iroquoi, "In our every deliberation we must consider the impact on the next 7 Generations" is planted into the hearts and minds of children with every tree they plant.

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