Fruit Trees for Kids


By Lindsay Hanks

The Fruit Tree Tour theater troupe teaches sustainability, organic eating and the importance of environmental responsibility to California students.

It starts with a seed. And that one seed will make a difference. (A tree. A child.) Cultivate the seed carefully, and you will see the fruit of your labor. (Change.)

That’s Common Vision’s philosophy.

Whether on the stage or in the field, the nonprofit organization’s Fruit Tree Tour theater troupe raises community awareness for local eating and sustainable living.

“Common Vision’s goal is to inspire diverse people into taking care of the planet,” says Michael Flynn, director of education and program development, adding that the organization tries to creatively engage people in its message. “Planting trees is empowering, it’s fun, and it’s community building. It helps us understand the reciprocity in our lives and our communities.”

Since 2004, the Fruit Tree Tour group has taken its message of sustainable living to the streets, visiting about 40 low-income schools across California each year. They teach children environmental stewardship and to plant fruit trees in the schoolyards, which provide nutrition to schools that lack healthful lunch programs.

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