Students get lesson on ‘interconnectedness’

by Laura Norton

The words were big but the tasks were small and by the end of the day the drumming, tree planting and corn growing gave students at Watsonville Charter School for the Arts an idea of what interconnectedness was all about.

“They really love the drums,” said Leo Buc, drumming teacher and mechanic with Common Vision’s Fruit Tree Tour. “We’re able to use that to teach social lessons like unity and diversity through doing a heartbeat rhythm. It gets the kids thinking globally because all over the word is the heartbeat.”

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Veggie-powered bus makes pit stop in Watsonville

The so-called "largest veggie-powered caravan in the world" was in Watsonville on Tuesday dazzling kids with their colorful environmental message.

This is the third year of Common Vision's annual Fruit Tree Tour, which has traveled from San Diego to Sacramento planting more than 1,500 fruit trees with the students of inner-city schools.

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Tree-planting tour travels state

by Rob Kuznia

Goleta Family School got a visit Tuesday from Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour, a group that travels around the state spreading a message of environmentalism by planting trees. The event also gave students a chance to try their hand at African drumming. The group's Leo Buc, below, leads the students in a song from Africa.

Transforming Concrete Jungles into Urban Orchards

by Jacob Gordon

They call themselves the largest veggie-powered caravan in the world, and they’re traversing California teaching school kids that the city is alive. This summer marks the third year of Common Vision’s annual Fruit Tree Tour, which has traveled from San Diego to Sacramento planting over 1,500 fruit trees with the students of inner-city schools. Through a fusion of arts, culture, and ecology, the non-profit aims at awakening youth not only to ecology, but to its cultural and communal roots. From planting heirloom varieties of corn from indigenous Mexican farmers, to playing West African agricultural rhythms, to contemporary hip hop media, Common Vision strives to make ecological awareness relevant and inspirational.

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In tune with nature

by Eliza Thomas

“We visit schools to try to get students in touch with what’s under all this concrete,” says Blair Philips, creator of the Fruit Tree Tour, a six vehicle, veggie oil-powered caravan currently spreading the gospel of sustainability in a city near you.

In February, the nomadic tribe of 30 volunteer eco-educators made pit stops around the Southland, planting school yards with fruit trees and indigenous corn, and engaging students in conversations around key ecological and cultural concepts like nutrient cycles, interconnectedness, diversity and respect. This month they’re headed up to Ojai, Santa Barbara and San Louis Obispo, their eco-party on wheels in tow.

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