Common Vision brings sustainability to fruition

By Greta Mart

A vegetable-powered bus transporting a group of educators and performing artists will soon arrive in Martinez to plant fruit trees and spread the good word: sustainability.
Common Vision, a non-profit based in Ukiah, is comprised entirely of volunteers and tours the state on an educational mission to plant fruit trees on school campuses and bring environmental education to life with music, theater and a day-long adventure.

“Since 2004, the Fruit Tree Tour Program has directly impacted 80,000 students, transformed over 180 low-income schools and community centers into abundant orchards with the planting of over 4,300 fruit trees,” according to the organization. “Every year 20-30 volunteers board the world’s largest vegetable oil powered caravan on a 2.5 month mission to change the urban landscapes of California.”

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Tree-Planting Tour Stops Everywhere in Bay Area Except San Francisco

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In a city where lawmakers so joyously took the happy out of the Happy Meal, it's curious why San Francisco is now skipping out on an opportunity to teach kids that apples are tasty, too.  

This week, the award-winning Fruit Tree Tour is descending on almost every city in the Bay Area, with its volunteers who will plant trees in school yards and give students a crash course in eating organic.

Everywhere except San Francisco, that is.

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Fruit Tree Tour Draws Massive Crowds for Sustainability


fruit tree tour 2011 photo

Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour has made the pages of TreeHugger a few times before, and not without good reason. After all, a program that introduces school kids across California to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the importance of trees is—almost by definition—something we get pretty excited about. But I hadn't realized quite what a huge undertaking this was until, that is, I started watching Fruit Tree TV...

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Fruit Tree Tour 2011

Cooking Up a Story

Through the organization Common Vision, a band of 20-30 people (aka, the Fruit Tree crew) are making a tour of California in the “world’s largest vegetable oil-powered caravan” to visit various schools and communities to plant, perform, and paint (the 3 P’s).

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San Ysidro campus is a stop on Fruit Tree Tour


Last week, the kids at La Mirada Elementary School in San Ysidro got a visit from a big ol’ bus full of bare-root fruit trees and a crew that helps plant the trees at schools and teaches students, staff and community members about caring for them.

“It was so wonderful,” said Mariana Osuna, wellness coordinator for the San Ysidro School District. “They are a group of volunteers who have driven up and down the state of California planting fruit tree orchards.”

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We Love Our Trees


By Abigail Lewis

There are places in the world where most of the trees have been chopped down for firewood. That’s like shooting the goose that lays the golden eggs, and eating it for dinner. Once the tree is gone, so, too, is the shade from its canopy, the breeze from it’s swaying leaves, the oxygen it produces as it processes our carbon dioxide, and any seeds or fruit it might contribute to the survival of living creatures.

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Students get tree-planting lesson



A statewide trek promoting fruit tree planting, environmental awareness and sutainability to elementary school students stopped at Santa Ynez Valley Charter School on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

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