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    1000 orchards by 2025

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The California School Orchard Project provides 80,000 low-income children at 234 schools with the nutritional and educational benefits of a productive and engaging orchard of fruit trees, grown right on the school campus.

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Common Vision takes a unique approach to school gardens, using fruit trees and other perennials to create extremely high-yielding, low-maintenance, and low-cost school gardens. This allows students to eat tons of fresh fruit, while freeing teachers and garden coordinators to focus on education instead of garden maintenance.

Common Vision’s California School Orchard Project provides 100,000 low-income students with fresh fruit every year. Schools looking to nourish and educate their students contact us every week requesting an orchard. Unfortunately the wait list for our program can be as long as 3 years; without your support, we cannot help them. Sponsor a school now!

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  • About Common Vision

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    Low Maintenance • High Yield • Perennial Systems

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