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Trees and Eco-Knowledge Take Root at Anneliese


The Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour recently made a stop at Anneliese School, transforming their schoolyard into a living classroom. The students were treated to a demonstration play, hands-on planting experience, and a participatory music activity before working in art groups to document some of their insights.

The goal of Common Vision is to engage students in dialogues about health, nutrient cycles, global climate change, tree biology, the importance of fresh food and becoming an agent of positive change.

The visit to Annelise School was part of their sixth annual pilgrimage to plant orchards and sustainable food supplies in California communities.

"These innovative programs are common place at Anneliese School but the stewardship training is still growing," said Laguna resident William Roley, Ph.D., director of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California, who was invited to participate with the school's staff.

The Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour arrives in hand-painted buses decked out with rooftop solar arrays and converted to run on 100 percent recycled vegetable oil. Carrying over 1,000 bare root fruit trees, 75 drums, and an allvolunteer army of 25 modern-day Johnny Appleseeds, they go into urban communities throughout California.

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