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  • About Common Vision

    Grow the Vision

    Become a Sustainer!

Join the Movement.

Grow the Vision.

Common Vision is working towards a healthy and just society by growing fruit orchards in low-income public schools. We have a vision of a world where every child has access to fresh, healthy food and clean air.

Become a monthly Sustainer today, and together we can Grow the Vision.

Think about where your food comes from. The farmer’s market? A health food store? Your own garden?

Now, imagine how not having access to fresh and healthy foods would impact your life.

Access to healthy food should not be a privilege. Quality food directly improves quality of life, in both immediate and long-term development, health, and wellbeing.

Students at low-income schools, disproportionately students of color, have higher rates obesity, diabetes, and persistent hunger. Full stomachs are essential to focus, performance, and overall health.

More than 3,655,624 students qualify for free and reduced lunch in California, and school often provides their only healthy meal options.

Every dollar you give goes directly to getting fresh fruit straight from the tree into the hands of the kids who need it most.

Common Vision School Orchard Project Statewide Impact Statistics

Why Common Vision?

Since 2004, Common Vision has a been a vital player in the school garden movement. School gardens are a cornerstone of nutritional and environmental education across the country. Unfortunately in many California schools, gardens are under-staffed, under-utilized, and just not growing much food.

Our orchards are different. At Common Vision, we don’t simply “plant it and leave it.”

With funding being cut for environmental protections, national parks and green initiatives, it is vital now more than ever for all children to connect with, care for, and protect the world around them.

Mariposa Elementary School's Orchard, in 2011 and 2017.

Before After
Before After

Our orchards are living classrooms where students learn about environmental science, climate change, nutrition, teamwork and community action.

Money doesn’t grow on trees (although we wish it did!). We have schools on the waitlist for an orchard, but we can only reach them with your support. YOU are the key to us being able to reach the thousands of kids waiting to plant their first tree. Every dollar you give monthly has a direct impact, and truly makes our work sustainable.

Growing Our Impact

We have BIG plans for the future. Not only are we going to continue care for our existing orchards and get schools off the waiting list, we are going to deepen our relationship with each school community. We can’t wait to:

  • Translate our website and all teaching materials into Spanish.
  • Film a tree care video series available to all garden educators
  • Expand lesson plans for teachers to get classes out in the orchard throughout the year
  • Create new resources to help schools raise funds (through grants, sponsorship, and community fundraising) and take community action (such as orchard care days, harvesting days, community clean up/recycling initiatives)
  • Implement new community feedback mechanisms to further conversations about what our communities need, want, and dream of for their orchard and community.

We have a solid foundation of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, the needed tools and materials, a team of energized volunteers, and 13 years of experience. All we need is your support.

Become a Sustainer today, and together we can Grow the Vision of a healthy and just society.

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Common Vision is a registered 501(c)(3), all contributions are tax deductible. Join the Movement. Grow the Vision.

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© 2003-2020 Common Vision