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Add a school orchard to your campus!

New Director

Wanda Stewart is a trusted leader in East Bay’s food justice movement. From her work as ED of People’s Grocery to private school admissions to Oakland garden teacher, she fights to provide the education that each child needs.

Climate Change

Recently, I visited a school garden in one of California’s 10,366 public schools. A young teacher brought her class out to prepare a garden bed for planting, and the kids were hard at work ...

Invite Us

Add an edible orchard classroom to your campus, and we'll help with tree care and an orchard curriculum. School orchards are living laboratories and are the backbone for outdoor education. (and taste delicious!)

Plant a Tree

Your giving helps provide CA school kids with a powerful memorable experience of planting a fruit tree. Or maybe your company would like to follow the lead of Nutiva and sponsor school orchards for an entire school district.

Grow fruit. Grow power.

School orchards do double duty as edible classrooms in urban food deserts. Help us plant 1,000 school orchards by 2025.


Why plant a school orchard?

Check out this 5-minute video to get a taste of what happens when you invite Common Vision to your campus.


Lbs of Fruit
  • Common VIsion School Orchard Peach Pick

    Remember Johnny Appleseed?

    Like that, but add tree care and a curriculum.

Get juicy news about school orchards!
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