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We are excited to explore an orchard installation at your school. Common Vision currently supports over 250 school orchards in California and are committed to supporting each school for the long haul. We are in our 13th year of specialization in schoolyard fruit trees and whether you are looking to plant an orchard from scratch, add fruit trees to your garden program, or bring your existing fruit trees into full production and health, we are excited to support.

Here is the basic gist of our most common all- day tree planting, educational experience that will set you up for longterm orchard success.

Common Vision's Orchard Installation Program includes:

  • 18 tree experts and educators on site for the day
  • Working in small groups with up to 180 students
  • Planting 10-25 fruit trees. School-year-fruiting varieties chosen for the area's micro-climate
  • Installing or maintaining/upgrading an automated drip irrigation system
  • Providing tree care training for the the garden/orchard caretakers
  • Providing follow-up standards-based curriculum for teachers that includes hands-on orchard activity
  • Putting a layer of mulch down under trees for grass control and water conservation (subject to local availability)
  • Pruning and training the trees
  • Applying compost and fertilizer for trees
  • Providing fertilizer for the first growing season
  • Painting 10-25 24"x18" wooden orchard signs with students in arts workshops

Costs & Scholarships

Program Cost for Private Schools

Program Cost for Public Schools

Program Cost with Scholarship

Additional Scholarships may be available for low-income public schools on a case-by-case basis.

Add a school orchard to your campus!
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© 2003-2020 Common Vision