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Common Vision currently has over 200 school orchards supported under our annual tree care subscription. Let us help your school’s fruit trees to keep on the fast track to thriving health, abundant fruit production, and assurance of success through tree replacements when necessary.

The heart of the care program is an on-site care blitz’s including:

Crew care visit with 5-10 orchard care educators (1x per year) -OR- a Regional Orchard Coordinator visit 3x per year to:

  • Prune the trees
  • Provide customized professional development for your team on best tree care practices
  • Fertilize. Organic Fertilizer provided for 3 feeding events per year
  • Assist with fertilizer/compost application event
  • Install/Repair automated drip irrigation and assist proper irrigation timer setting
  • Support for teachers on integration of curriculum
  • Provide pest control support
  • Replace trees as necessary
  • Support with weed/grass control

Additional Subscription Support Includes:

  • Tree care reminder newsletters every 2 months with resources and support materials
  • 12-months of phone, email, and video call support to walk through any question, concern, or triumph
  • Organic Fertilizer for 3 feeding events per year provided with instruction
  • May visit or Video Call to ensure orchard is summer-ready
  • Irrigation repair materials

Care Program Benefits:

  • Faster Establishment of trees through proper feeding and watering.
  • Beautiful and functional tree structure
  • Develop fruit in fewer years
  • Dramatically increase the annual fruit harvest
  • Build confidence and skill for the orchard care team
  • Support for classroom teachers using the orchard as a living lab
  • Security that the investment in the schools orchard will be fruitful
  • $150-500 annual cost for each public school depending on scope of work and scholarship eligibility.
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© 2003-2020 Common Vision
© 2003-2020 Common Vision