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Oxnard school garden bears fruit of learning


By Anne Kallas

As he watched dozens of volunteers digging in the dirt at Oxnard's Tierra Vista School, Principal Javier Bolivar wore a huge smile of satisfaction.

"This is good. There are the teachers who have done so much and took this on their shoulders. This is a beautiful job. What they're doing is so professional and so nice for our school," Bolivar said.

Members of three nonprofits descended on the school's south Oxnard campus Friday afternoon to plant an 18-tree fruit orchard while volunteers built planting boxes for students to grow vegetables for their school lunches.

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Will Rogers students, Common Vision plant fruit trees at Ventura school


Students had big smiles and dirty hands Friday as they dug their fingers into the soil to plant trees at Will Rogers Elementary School in Ventura.

The students were guided by the visiting members of Common Vision, who are on the group's Fruit Tree Tour. Common Vision members arrived in a vegetable-oil powered bus and first performed a musical skit about carbon footprints, how to take care of the Earth by growing food and the benefits of composting. Common Vision is a group that works with schools to educate and inspire environmental action through performance and hands-on activity.

Will Rogers Elementary School invited Common Vision for two reasons. Teachers and parents wanted to improve the view from the school, which backs up to a commercial parking lot, and give the students hands-on planting experience, said Kris Guzman, the first-grade teacher who facilitates the after-school garden club and spearheaded the event.

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